And now to begin…

We are called evil by the slaves of that dried up order. The Light Side of the Force, they say, is the only thing that we should concern ourselves with. The Dark Side corrupts, it lies, it will enslave your soul. If this is true the Jedi Order is a very dark cess pool indeed. Darkness fills them subtly every time they insist on repressing what Nature has given them and continuing to lie to themselves. They quake in the presence of passion, they are terrified of love…for these things, they say, are doorways through which the dark side enters. Pah! I will feel passion…I will hate and I will love with impunity! I will hunger and I will lust!

The dark side of the force, they say, infused the blood of my ancestors just as it shaped the other life forms of Korriban. I feel it flow through my veins. It excites! It hardens! It brings strength to my limbs and resolve to my spirit. It frees me from all limitation!

Yes, I will be free in my actions and my enemies will witness my wrath! And should any choose to thwart my way, to interfere in the free exercise of my will, they will feel the red sting of my lightsaber. This includes those who would chastise me for showing mercy when I am moved to do so. Some would accuse me of letting in the weakness, the softness, of the light…rather it is they who are blinded by thoughtless, animal viciousness…they are the antithesis of the thinking, ordered, self-determined Sith. I embrace Nature in all Her beauty and brutality, if I feel compassion and extend mercy I see it as nothing more than the will of nature moving through me. Not even the emperor can thwart the will of Nature…and what is this mighty Empire against the expanses of time and space? It is dust and is as finite as the Infinite Empire of millenia ago.

If a little light shines within me, all the better, for the points of light that fill the arching darkness of space could hardly hope to consume that superior darkness. The light, no matter how small, lends its beauty to the Dark which is its Lord and Master. No, I do not strive for the Light Side of the Force, but neither will I allow it to be shut entirely from my existence. Never will I bring needless suffering like some of the more sadistic members who consider themselves to be Sith. I will face nightmares and monsters and tyrants with a smile and blood will further redden my scarlet skin, but never will I bring harm to children, never will I gain satisfaction from the destruction of people that the more arrogant, and frankly insane, among my brethren consider to be “weak”.

This I declare: I shall fight for the Empire, for the sake of the order it brings, but I will also fight the corruption within the ranks that builds nothing but twisted egos for there is truly no greater weakness within the Empire than the madness that stems from the deluded belief that one has mastered the Force; I shall fight against the old Jedi order, that strives so hard for the Light while denying the beauty and brutality that is every sentient’s birthright–to live honestly in the natural order, to love, to hate, to take, to give, and the wise and those strong in the Force shall embrace these words–

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall free me.

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