My Destiny…

I had very mixed emotions during my time at the camp that I was sent to by my father. I was sad, I missed my friends and I knew that my imperfect childhood was culminating in a very imperfect adolescence. Our camp leader was a merciless man…a once great Sith warrior who bore the scars of many battles and who now accepted money from the more well-to-do parents of troublesome, unfocused youths. The work was well beneath him, but the money was not. He was far too advanced in age to be of much use on the battle field but his considerable experience, his very obvious skill, and his still impressive Force abilities made him a great teacher. I hated him from the moment I laid eyes on him…I do not think that the hatred was mutual but I do know that he felt some kind of pleasure knowing that he inspired such powerful emotion in someone “touched by softness” as my father was sure to let him know I was.

I made no friends at this camp. In fact I got a glimpse at the sneering, derisive, back-stabbing attitudes that I would find in the Sith Academy on Korriban. This time helped steel me for my time on Korriban. Funny now that that old Warrior no longer inspires hatred in me…I have to thank him, especially for that one event that set me on my path to becoming a Force using Warrior myself:

We worked hard every day doing drills. Our training included much work in various martial forms. We received personal training from the camp leader only on occasion…most of the time it was up to those who were nearing entrance into the Academy who did the teaching, they were no less merciless than the camp leader himself. On occasion, the camp leader would step in and spar with the more “promising” students. This was always met by the student facing the challenge with a mixture of pride and dread. That was certainly the case for me the day I was singled out.

“You! Morddin! Come here!” he barked at me. I was taken aback…he couldn’t possibly be talking to me. Truth be told, I had no great love for these exercises. I found them to be uninspiring at best. “Come here you lazy sack of kath hound shit! I think you could use an attitude adjustment!”

I didn’t quite know what he meant by this…it was unsettling to all of us that he seemed to know our thoughts and feelings better than we did ourselves. He handed me a stun rod and we took postitions while everyone else circled round. He had a sneer on his face that both frightened and angered me. With a slight nod he indicated that it was time to commence, and like all students who had faced him before, there was the quiet understanding that I would be allowed the first blow. I leapt forward with a swift downward swing that I had learned to use to immediately put my opponent on guard as-well-as off balance. And as was the case with every such match I had witnessed I felt the sting of the camp leader’s stun rod and I found myself flat on my back with every nerve buzzing painfully, with my ears ringing and my vision a fuzzy tunnel.

“Come on you worthless runt! You can do better than that! Or are you truly as soft as your father says you are?! You aren’t good enough to lick my boots clean!”

I got to my feet, shakily, and fought to regain my focus on my opponent. I felt my anger rise at the mention of my father and I felt rise in me a red wave of hatred that I had never felt before. My limbs were strengthened by this wave, my focus precise and crystal clear, my intent focused like never before. What pain I continued to feel merely fed the Dark Power that rose. A strange grin spread across the mottled gray face of the camp leader… his yellow eyes narrowed at the sudden recognition of something. This something was a wave of power that forced its way out of my outstretched left hand, palm facing out. I could hear the sudden expulsion of air as the wave hit the camp leader squarely in the chest and sent the old warrior flying back ten feet.

I felt suddenly depleted, dropped the stun rod, and fell to my knees. The world closed around me and I felt that I would pass out; a strange guffaw, a deep belly laugh brought me to my senses. I looked up to see the camp leader, laughing as he rolled onto his hands and knees, and stayed there as he coughed and spit out blood. Soon he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and rose slowly to his feet. After a brief moment of regaining his composure he looked at me with a broad grin and said, “Well done, Morddin! I knew you had it in you! Welcome to your destiny…you have just bought your ticket on a ship to Korriban!”

I remember the nausea I felt, but I remember the growing pride more…it would of course be some time before I found myself on the red sands of Korriban, but there was no question that I would someday be there.


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